The Risk of Selecting the Cheapest Roofing Quote

One of our experienced team went to an appointment from our latest free roof inspection valued at $99 and found out that the leak was not just a minor issue. Their roof needed major improvements such as removing the patio and returning the fascia and gutter back to the area where the patio was removed.

It seems simple, right?

But, the gutter has been installed by another contractor five years ago and upon closer examination of the gutter. Our team has discovered that the gutter was holding the water and installed wrongly and the only reasonable solution to solve the issues would have been to remove the gutters and change the materials with a new one.

What's The Common Mistake of Homeowners?

As the saying goes, you get what you paid for, but let's be real… even a cheaply-installed roof costs thousands of dollars at today's prices.

That's why you need to choose your roofing contractor wisely.

Roofing prices are soaring along with the price of oil.

Any roof you replace at today's dollars could easily cost two to three times as much in just a few years. That means you don't want to have to touch a roof again after you have invested in replacing it.

And, the fact is that roofing materials will always cost what they cost whereas a cheap roofer cuts corners to beat a quality roofer's price.

To achieve that, they use cheaper materials that don't perform as well, they don't install materials properly, or they don't do what they promised.

You will see and experience it in due time.

Tips in Hiring The Right Roofer

  • Talk to past customers who have lived with that roofer's work for five or more years.
  • Search for the reviews online.
  • Seek for the roofer's certifications.
  • Don't settle for a simple one time job. Ask for the roofer's guarantee such as 10 year maintenance.

October 01, 2019

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