Porous Permeable Paving

What is Porous Permeable Paving?

Porous paving is a paving type product that allows air and water to flow through itself and permits water to soak into the soils.

Allowing water to penetrate the surface and flow through to the ground below will help alleviate current issues such as flooding, pollution and preservation orders on trees. General awareness of the importance of using permeable surfaces in our cities to decrease pressure on our storm water systems as well as improve soil quality is also rising.

Porous paving can be used for a variety of water management objectives to:

  • Reduce peak storm-water discharges from paved areas.
  • Increase groundwater recharge.
  • Improve storm-water quality.
  • Reduce the area of land dedicated solely to storm-water management.


  • Arbor-Flex – Rubberised Mulch Paving
  • Arbor-Pave – Stone Rubber Combo
  • Arbor-Pave Plus – Aggregate Rubber
  • PermaMulch – Resin Bound Organic Mulch
  • Porous Stone Paving – Rubberised Stone Paving
  • Porous Synthetic Turf- Porous Artificial Grass

Heritage Property Services team of specialists have extensive international experience in all aspects of porous paving and Water Sensitive Urban Design projects.

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